Just like every other computer science student and programmer, I’ve done a bit of indie video game development in personal projects or for game jams such as the UFSC Game Jam (I also helped organize its first editions). This page collects some of those projects.

A basic raycaster with Fable+Elmish

Click the canvas above and press one of the WASD keys to move around.

3D Modeling, Motion Capture and Transfer

Check it out!

Othello against an AI

While following Peter Norvig’s “Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming”, I implemented some of the artificial Othello players described therein.


MoonFable is a short fantasy RPG game mixing turn-based combat and Match-3 casual puzzle mechanics. Made during the UFSC Game Jam 3 using the LÖVE2D framework.

Warning: programmer art ahead.

Source code is available on GitHub and a development timelapse can be seen on YouTube.


Pointers to some of the other projects I’ve developed:

A multiplayer, wizard dueling, LISP programming game. ArchwizardDuel